The New Look

Designed and developed by McTip IT and working closely with Daniel and Adrian at Regal Polythene, the site is dynamic and will definitely make Regal Polythene stand out from their competition, without a doubt. McTip IT’s brief was to take Regal Polythene’s existing site (which was not a bad site to start with) and redesign the layout and make the site more visually appealing. They took the Regal Polythene logo, and used the crescents as a primary basis for the design.

The interesting shapes allowed a vast scope to work within. Limiting the colour palette to that of the Regal Polythene logo, we took the company’s colours and branded the site. Although quite abstract, the site has not deviated too far way from Regal Polythene’s logo and associate colours.

This was paramount in the design, as they did not want to re-brand Regal Polythene, just develop what we already had. This proved to be an interesting project, and guided by Daniel and Adrian, McTip IT have designed the end product that Regal Polythene strived for.

McTip IT are a company that stands out from the crowd, they have used this ability and applied it to our website and we know that with the quality content and cutting edge functionality, layout and design – Regal Polythene have been set apart from their competition!

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